Sign Language

Be it a bar of soap or box or an expensive line of apparel all you need is a sign! Signage of every kind, outdoor or indoor, name boards or even direction signs hold an important role in creating the perfect brand experience by aiding the customer’s purchase, right from identifying the perfect brand to […]

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Future Ready Floors

The smell of fresh paint and the shine of new furniture instills our senses, and when we walk into that new space we instantly call it our home! Home to us is an emotion, it talks about who we are than what we do. Painted walls, lit chandeliers, upholstered windows are all still incomplete without […]

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Touch Wood!

There is more to a personality than your physical self. The space you live in speaks volumes of who you are. Every little detail has a story to tell and you go every extra mile to take care of the minutest details. Wood is often the material of choice for home décor and why not! […]

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Colour Up, Without Fear!

A colour makeover to any space, home or office brings in a huge transformation accompanied by a sense of happiness and excitement. But painting your space is also that one task which most of us dust off under the carpet for an obvious list of reasons. The two most annoying factors that work as the […]

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Touch – feel – choose Nilkamal Print Guard over Sunpack & Foamboard!

It’s sale time yearlong and what’s better than a lazy afternoon at a mall hopping from shop to shop looking for that perfect dress at the perfect price point! In the day and age of online shopping, touch, and feel are still irreplaceable!  It’s a long-established fact that POS display is vital to get the […]

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COVID Protection Beyond the Mask

Beyond the mask As the term social distancing becomes the new normal, simple tasks of routine life seem challenging. While Work from home is the most desirable form of working, field jobs and those in essential services NEED you to commute. There is no such thing as too much precaution when it comes to the […]

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Bubble Guard for Industrial Packaging
Nilkamal Bubble Guard – The Future of Industrial Packaging

The manufacturing sector contributes a healthy 13% to India’s GDP and has been a key pillar of the economy in difficult times.  To add to challenges of lock-downs, the optimization of ROI for packaging is often a ponder point for leading manufacturers. Products that are heavy, shaped irregularly, highly sensitive to external environment or reactive […]

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Nilkamal Bubble Guard for Industrial Packaging
Returnable Packaging vs Expendable Packaging – Nilkamal BubbleGUARD

What Is Returnable Packaging? The meaning of returnable packaging is when the packaging solution fits for being returned or brought back. This packaging is designed for reusability over multiple usage cycles. Interesting Fact: Plastic as a material is the most return friendly material over wood and paper based packaging.  What Is Expendable Packaging? Typically expendable […]

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Nilkamal Bubble Guard -PrintGUARD
PrintGUARD – Get Your Store “SALE READY”

With festivities right around the corner, we know you’re already starting to prepare your store for all the discounts and sales. Considering how much your customers have missed real shopping, your store needs to be festive ready. But how do you do it? One product is all you need to transform your store completely. The […]

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