It’s sale time yearlong and what’s better than a lazy afternoon at a mall hopping from shop to shop looking for that perfect dress at the perfect price point! In the day and age of online shopping, touch, and feel are still irreplaceable! 

It’s a long-established fact that POS display is vital to get the attention of that precious customer in retail marketing, so let’s not reinvent the wheel here. A wide variety of standees, banners, posters, flute board, danglers, freestanding units, shelf decorations, and other different kinds of groups which brands the outlet ensure that the consumer doesn’t miss your brand. 

The point is to consider whether you’re choosing the right display that correctly connects consumers with your brand, is to zero down on the material to be used at the retail/brand outlet & dispatching the promotional material at various required locations, we need to consider or ask questions to ourselves; Have we done a pilot testing of the display? Have we checked the durability of the product? Can you achieve a better finish with the chosen material? 

A quick checklist should use while selecting the best material for your signage:

  • Strength – Pay attention to durability, integrity, and strength. There is nothing worse for your returns than a collapsing or crumpled display. Make sure to consider the Nilkamal Print Guard than PVC foam board whenever the display is hung directly under the sky.
  • Flexibility – Does the material allow you to experiment with multiple fabrication possibilities? 
  • Versatility – Does the material allow you to choose the perfect, cost-effective printing possibility for your specific application like direct UV printing, Screen printing, or vinyl lamination? 
  • Ease of installation and transportation – can you create displays that are easy to assemble, disassemble, and save on transport? 

The answer is yes to each of the above questions when you choose Nilkamal Print GUARD, a range of high-tech, eco-friendly polypropylene boards are tailor-made for the graphic and display industry, which is cost-effective & does not crack, weatherproof, come with High stiffness & rigidity, can be heat welded and ultrasonic welded & is 100% Recyclable. However, sunray doesn’t work like the Nilkamal Print guard. 

Print GUARD can be used in multiple ways: POPs and danglers, Point of sale display, Danglers, Window display, Promotional signage, Exhibition panels, In-store signage. It gives you endless possibilities to design innovative display solutions that are lightweight, foldable, flat pack, easy to transport, and durable for long periods. But, Form Board lacks in these features.

With its latest technology, Nilkamal Print GUARD outperforms old materials such as PP Flute.

The visible lines on the PP Flute reduce the aesthetics of the print. Print GUARD has an entirely flat surface that ensures your finish is seamless, literally! Fortified with CORONA treatment, prints on PritnGUARD stay fresh for longer than any other material. Unlike PP Flute, which has strength in only one direction and can tear easily, the circular honeycomb core of PrintGUARD, makes it equally strong in all directions.

Compared to Sunboard, which is brittle, which breaks easily, PrintGUARD is durable and does not crack. Ink on Sunboard fades over time and leads to dull prints. With its CORONA treatment, the prints on PrintGUARD always stay vibrant.

So go ahead, touch, feel and choose Nilkamal PrintGUARD for display and signage like that is Lightweight, Easy to fabricate, Strong & unbreakable, Easy on the pocket and Recyclable.