The smell of fresh paint and the shine of new furniture instills our senses, and when we walk into that new space we instantly call it our home! Home to us is an emotion, it talks about who we are than what we do. Painted walls, lit chandeliers, upholstered windows are all still incomplete without a floor that matches it all, because floors complement décor.

Here are 5 flooring ideas that could help you create that lasting first impression:

  • 1. Large format Ceramic tiles: Create abstract patterns, mimic marble flooring or keep it classy, Ceramic tiles will hold its own when it comes to floor fashion. Tile flooring is strong, stain-free, scratch resistant, bacteria free, fire proof, anti-slip and easy to wash. It’s not high-maintenance as it does not require any polishing; has a long life and provides various combinations in terms of designs, colours and finishes.
  • 2. Epoxy flooring: Go bold with colours and keep the décor mute to create a contrasting style statement with your floor. Epoxy flooring has many advantages as it is anti-slip, durable, and easy to maintain.
  • 3. Terrazzo flooring: Bring back the old-world charm with Terrazzo. Patterned floors have laid its strong foundation, and this trend is here to stay. It lends a whole lot of possibilities to your décor, while adding the colour and style quotient.
  • 4. Wooden flooring: for the true warm Indian at heart wooden flooring creates the perfect warm ambience. It is noise less and provides good insulation to room. This flooring is perfect for summers as well as winters as it nighter heats up during summer nor does it get icy cold during winters and the occupants can use the room bare footed. Wooden flooring is best suited for dry areas with lower rainfall trends.
  • 5. Vinyl tiles: if choice is what you wish for, vinyl tiles are a perfect match. They are flexible and easy to handle and lay. They come in many colors and designs. It is ideal for maintaining clean room condition. These floors are unbreakable and flexible PVC vinyl flooring with properties of high wear resistance and resilience.

You may choose to go for the above five or stick to the classic Italian marble, whatever be your choice, your floor is your panache and they need to be protected not just after you move in but also before you do!

Your dear flooring needs to withstand a lot before you call it your own! In the chronology of events, when your dream home is being done, the flooring work is completed before most other décor chores like plastering and painting walls, false ceiling, light fixing and even bathroom fixtures.

Traditionally, a layer of POP with water is laid on top of the floor to avoid damage like scratches. But POP is no foolproof solution. Your floor needs more; it needs Nilkamal BubbleGUARD’s floor protection revolution – FloorGUARD. FloorGUARD is a floor protection board with a unique circular honeycomb structure sandwiched between two flat polypropylene layers, resulting in tough and durable yet lightweight panels which can completely protect your floors from impact as well as liquid damage. So say no to fear of cracked floors and paint stains. FloorGUARD is an affordable solution which protects your valuable flooring with ease as this board can be re-used multiple times and requires no special labour.

To top it all Nilkamal FloorGUARD is fast & easy to install and remove, it keeps you site clean, avoids water wastage and does not leave any debris. So your site is ready to get ready in no time.