Nilkamal BubbleGUARD Industrial Packaging solutions

A robust range of multi-purpose boards engineered for versatile packaging solutions.

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD industrial packaging solutions is a wide range of multi-layered polypropylene boards with a patented honey-comb core. The range is specifically designed to provide packaging solutions for storage, handling and transportation of your products. These boards range from soft and flexible to tough and rigid and are tailored to provide customized solutions in the most cost-effective and eco-friendly manner.

The patented design of BubbleGUARD, results in a high strength-to-weight ratio across the board, making it durable yet lightweight. With uniform strength in all directions, the boards are engineered to withstand heavy point loads and resist sagging. Made from 100% polypropylene, your packaging is fully recyclable supporting a lower carbon footprint than paper or wooden alternatives.

The BubbleGUARD industrial packaging range is tailored to fit packaging applications across industries and is available in 4 distinct variants – PalletGUARD Sleeve System, PackGUARD, CoilGUARD and SheetGUARD.

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