There is more to a personality than your physical self. The space you live in speaks volumes of who you are. Every little detail has a story to tell and you go every extra mile to take care of the minutest details.

Wood is often the material of choice for home décor and why not! Wood is classic and modern at the same time as it is the most traditional yet flexible building material. Right from doors, windows to chairs, cabinets and even artifacts, wood completes your exemplary décor.

Let us look at a quick, easy way to keep your favorite wooden décor free from the dreadful Mildew. While Mildew is easily treated with a store bought cleaner and a scrubbing brush. Mold, on the other hand, can be black or green and is often the result of a much larger infestation, we don’t want to get to that point.

Get rid of the mildew

  • You need 2 buckets of water, gentle detergent, 2 pieces of cleaning cloth, a good gentle wax removing furniture cleaner, paste wax and a pair of rubber gloves
  • Mix the gentle detergent in one bucket of water. Dip the cleaning cloth in the detergent mixture and squeeze all the excess water leaving the cloth barely moist with the mixture. Remember, moisture cause mildew and aggravates to Mold.
  • Dipping the clean cloth in the mixture and rub it against the stain. Remember to be gentle!
  • Once the section is clean, use the other cleaning cloth dipped in the other bucket of clean water to remove the mildew and excess detergent solution. Pat the surface dry
  • Apply furniture cleaner to remove the layers of wax if you notice white patches after cleaning
  • Lastly, apply a thin layer of paste wax. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.

You definitely care enough for your collection of the exquisite wooden pieces that you surely believe in the cliché “prevention is better than cure.”

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD presents a ground-breaking WoodGUARD, a wood protection board with a unique circular honeycomb structure sandwiched between two flat polypropylene layers, resulting in tough and durable and 100% water and termite proof panels which are designed to completely shield your wooden décor from moisture that comes off the wall. An added advantage, it is bacteria proof and termite resistant.

The icing on the cake is that WoodGUARD is very easy to use – just cut, apply and say good bye to all your nightmares of moldy furniture and spreading termite infections. Learn how to apply, click here

Easy recipe to keep it clean

  • Over time, the outer surface of furniture tends to gets deposits of dirt and grease. All you need is lemon juice and olive oil along with 2pieces of cleaning cloth and an old tooth brush.
  • Mix one part olive oil and one part lemon juice in a bowl and work on the stains using the cleaning cloth. For corners and the more intricate designs, you could choose to use the tooth brush. Again, remember to be gentle!
  • After you successfully remove the dirt, take the other piece of clean cloth and remove the excess cleaning mixture and pat the surface dry.

Regular cleaning of the outer surface and a strong protection with WoodGUARD will ensure your favorite furniture ages like your favorite wine, gets better with age!