What Is Returnable Packaging?

The meaning of returnable packaging is when the packaging solution fits for being returned or brought back. This packaging is designed for reusability over multiple usage cycles.

Interesting Fact: Plastic as a material is the most return friendly material over wood and paper based packaging. 

What Is Expendable Packaging?

Typically expendable packaging is wood or corrugated but can be varied in size according to the industry requirements. Expendable packaging can be used for one-way shipments and when the cost to return this packaging is prohibitive.

Why Returnable Packaging is Essential?

The answer is to maximize ROI. Industries can substantially reduce costs by incorporating returnable packaging by:

  1. Investment is one time – Using the same material over multiple usage cycles
  2. Returnable packaging can significantly reduce industry’s freight cost ultimately improving both their profit margins and environmental profile. 
  3. Disposal of single use packaging materials represents a large share of operating expenses and is sometimes overlooked in overhead expenses. 

In a nutshell by constant sourcing of packaging material, optimizing freight cost and avoiding disposal costs, you can maximize the ROI of your business.

How to choose the best Returnable Packaging solution?

Nilkamal Bubble Guard for Industrial Packaging
The durability and optimized space consumption of the Returnable Packaging Material are the top two points to consider. 

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD is the wonder packaging material that allows you complete freedom to customize returnable packaging solutions to your business needs and goals. An amazing example of the most secure and versatile returnable packaging solution is Nilkamal PalletGUARD Sleeve System. The intelligent space-saving unit is composed of 3 parts – Lid, Sleeve and Pallet – designed to store and transport loads of up to 800 Kgs. PSS can be completely collapsed when empty for efficient reverse logistics. 

The Sleeve is made with BubbleGUARD, the scientifically engineered board with patented European technology, to replace conventional methods of protecting, packaging, paneling and more. Nilkamal BubbleGUARD is a multi-layer polypropylene board with a unique circular honeycomb structure core. The patented structure results in a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it the best choice for modern packaging solutions. Bubble Guard offers is made to hold significant weight and stack safely whereas cardboard has a smaller amount of durability. Download the brochure of Nilkamal Bubble Guard.

Interesting Fact: You can sustainably opt for the security of a PSS pro with help of Nilkamal PSS Lite! 

Read how https://www.nilkamalbubbleguard.com/palletguard-lite/ 

Does Your Business Need Returnable Packaging Solutions?

Yes. According to the experts, returnable packaging solutions reduce cost and ensure safety. But how? Bubble Guard Sheets have some payoffs that cardboard cannot beat:

a. Tear resistant

b. Easy to fold and arrange

c. Fits right where cardboard containers have been used

d. Resilient to breakage

e. Customizable according to the requirement

With a host of advantages, Bubble Guard based packaging out forms traditional packaging. Most cost-effective and it can save up to 70% of total cost when converting from expendable to returnable packaging.

Returable Packaging
Like a cherry on the cake, returnable packaging as it’s more environmentally sustainable. 

Depending on care and use, our PSS range can last as many as 100 uses and potentially more! Our core, that’s where our confidence comes from!.

Why Choose Nilkamal Bubble Guard For Returnable Packaging?

Reduced shipping cost – The biggest benefit of returnable packaging is that overall shipping costs are reduced through the use. You will save money by purchasing our bubble guard sheets and get multiple uses out of a more durable solution. 

Reusable and Durable – Unlike expendable packaging, Bubble Guard holds up well after repeated usage and is resistant to rusting, tearing and impact damage. 

Lightweight – Shipping solutions made out of Bubble Guard Sheets are lighter than wood or cardboard, which can reduce fuel transport costs and improve worker safety.

Moisture Resistant – Bubble Guard Sheets retain their strength, shape, and integrity when exposed to moisture providing superior product protection. Since it remains unaffected by water, there is less chance of developing molds or rust. This can also improve the working environment and worker’s safety.

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