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Media expo 2020 – Mumbai edition

February ,2020

The Media Expo 2020 was a great platform to showcase PrintGuard, a printing, and signage solution brought by Nilkamal’s BubbleGuard. It has marked a revolution in the field of display boards such as exhibition panel board, tabletop display boards, etc. It uses eco-friendly pp board sheets for the boards & is the best material for outdoor signs as the sheets are exclusively made for the graphic and display industry. Every attendee of the exhibition found our sheets to be extremely useful and they have impulsively agreed it to be the best printing and signage solution of this era.

MediaExpo Delhi

September ,2019

In the past few years, Print GUARD has gained immense popularity as a preferred medium for printing and signage in the country. This year, Nilkamal Print GUARD created an innovative display at the exhibition showcasing some highly creative, colourful and very well fabricated displays that were easy to fabricate, foldable and easy to transport. All the attendees agreed that Print GUARD is a solution to look for when you wish to bring your prints Alive.

Celerity Awards

August ,2019

NilkamalBubbleGUARDPallet GUARD Sleeve System has been recognised as a sustainable innovation in the field of packaging by the Celerity Awards as a Supply Chain Superstar for Sustainability. We designed the NilkamalPalletGUARD Sleeve System – India’s first pallet based collapsible and returnable packaging solution with sustainable logistics in mind. The solution is aimed to replace single use packaging and unsustainable materials like paper and wood with a complete plastic unit that is reusable over 1000 usage cycles and is 100% recyclable at end of life. The PSS is engineered to optimize the freight cost by allowing for 80% reduction in return freight logistics, therefore deliver a lower per use cost and carbon footprint than conventional packaging to users.

PackPlus Delhi

July ,2019

The highly versatile and customisable Industrial packaging range from Nilkamal Bubble GUARD is being admired by the Indian packaging fraternity and PackPlus Delhi was a testimonial for the same. All the industrial packaging solutions from the range are customisable and designed to suit the requirements of diverse industries.

Logmat Chennai

June ,2019

Nilkamal Limited showcased its complete range of material handling and industrial packaging solutions at the Logmat exhibition in Chennai in June 2019. The foldable and returnable packaging solution for reveres logistics, Nilkamal Pallet GUARD sleeve system was a star attraction due to its high durability and intelligent design that gives 5 time savings on return logistics.

PackPlus Bangalore

April ,2019

The Nilkamal Bubble GUARD Industrial packaging solutions we a hit with the Bangalore packaging community at the show. The Audience appreciated and shared their experience with the cost effective and highly durable packaging solutions from Nilkamal Bubble GUARD.

CAP India

March ,2019

Nilkamal Limited showcased its versatile range of products for logistics in form of packaging and material handling. The highlight of the exhibition was the intelligent and collapsible packaging solution Nilkamal Pallet GUARD Sleeve System which supports return logistics. Other solutions like Pack GUARD - the range of packaging boxes, Plastic Pallets, Coil GUARD – the coil protection solution and Sheet GUARD – the interlayer sheets were very well received by Indian as well as international audiences at the CAP India event in March 2019.

MediaEXPO Mumbai

February ,2019

In its second stint with MediaEXPO in the city, NilkamalPrint GUARD showcased some very innovative and user friendly applications of the versatile sheets with practical, foldable, easy to flat pack kindly of free standing units, standees, cut-outs and more, the Print GUARD stall was full of solutions for every kind of display. Be it the most intricate laser cutting or the foldable table top product displays, every display added to the creative thought process of the printer and fabricator community.

PackPlus, Delhi

July ,2018

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD Launched the revolutionary collapsible packaging solution – PalletGUARD Sleeve System

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD presented its complete range of industrial packaging solutions at the PackPlus Exhibition in Delhi between 25th to 28th of July 2018. The key attraction of the show was the new PalletGUARD Sleeve System which is designed to be the perfect solution for returnable and reusable packaging solution. Eminent professionals from across industries who visited the stall have appreciated the thoughtfully crafted range.

MediaExpo, Mumbai

February ,2018

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD showcased its printing and signage - PrintGUARD at the MediaExpo, Mumbai in February 2018.

The brand received an overwhelming response from printers and retail merchandisers alike. PrintGUARD’s features like its direct UV printing possibility, its flexibility for lamination and the ease it provides to cut and fabricate made it talking point amongst prospects.

After experiencing PrintGUARD at the MediaExpo, the visitors unanimously agree that PrintGUARD is the best replacement for PVC foam board and PP Flute and that it will stay strong for long.

CAI Exhibition Coimbatore

September ,2017

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD launched its floor protection solution - FloorGUARD at CAI Exhibition, Coimbatore in September 2017

Architects, interior designers, interior contractors and developers in Coimbatore feel that hassle-free floor protection during construction and renovation is a need of the hour. After experiencing FloorGUARD at the Exhibition, they unanimously agree that it is the most cost effective and easy floor protection solution.

India Warehousing Show, Delhi & PackPlus Exhibition, Delhi

July ,2017

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD Showcased its Industrial Packaging range at two leading packaging exhibitions in Delhi

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD along with its material handling products division, exhibited the highly customizable range of industrial packaging range consisting CoilGUARD – a solution for protection of industrial coils like metal and cable, SheetGUARD – the separator sheets used for stacking and storage of products, PackGUARD – the perfect solution for re-usable packaging boxes and PalletGUARD – the new product in the series which is on its way to change the face of collapsible – returnable packaging.

Index Exhibition Mumbai

June ,2017

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD launches in Mumbai

Nilkamal showcased its latest innovation Nilkamal BubbleGUARD for the very first time at the Index Exhibition held in Mumbai in the month of June 2017. While Nikamal BubbleGUARD is known as one board with million possibilities, the brand displayed its floor protection solution – FloorGUARD and its wood protection solution WoodGUARD at the exhibition. Both the innovations were well received by the attendees as they are both quick, easy and economic protection solutions.