A colour makeover to any space, home or office brings in a huge transformation accompanied by a sense of happiness and excitement. But painting your space is also that one task which most of us dust off under the carpet for an obvious list of reasons. The two most annoying factors that work as the devil’s advocate against the painting job are the after smell that the paint leaves and the stains it leaves on the floor and skirting! Below are two easy hacks that can help you get colour back into your space!

Get rid of the after smell:

All you need is a bucket of water and 1/5 kg of cut onions. Yes, onions! After the painting is done, place the bucket of water and add the onions to it. Leave it overnight. The onions will absorb most of the toxic fumes and suffocating smell and avoid the paint hangover!

Protect your floors:

As they say, its best to start early, before you start the paint job, you will need Nilkamal BubbleGUARD’s floor protecting solution FloorGUARD, a simple cutter and some tape. Just lay FloorGUARD on the floor Measure and cut to required size and seal the joints with tape. You can also protect the skirting by easily bending and taping the FloorGUARD. It’s that simple! Nilkamal FloorGUARD is a polyproplyne board which liquid proof and shields the floor from all the stains from the paint and also the debris that may tend to damage the floor during renovation.