FloorGUARD - Floor & Tile Protector

Nilkamal BubbleGuard –The most cost-effective floor protection solution.

Nilkamal BubbleGuard brings to you a series of floor protection boards that safeguard your expensive floorings like Italian marble, marbonite, tiles and granites from scratches, spillage and falling materials during construction and renovation. FloorGUARD is a quick and economical floor protection solution.

The scientifically engineered honeycomb structure creates a soft air cushioning that ensures your floor is protected from falling debris or scratches during material movement. The air-lock technology makes it durable and reusable multiple times.

Key benefits of FloorGUARD:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Reusable multiple times
  • Easy to apply – No special labour required
  • High impact resistance
  • Keeps workspace clean and tidy
  • Waterproof
  • Time and cost saving
  • Easy to cut to size

Best suited for:
• Onsite floor protection
• Protection of tiles/marble during material transit

Product Info:

Temporary Floor Protection
  • 200 GSM
  • 250 GSM
  • 350 GSM
  • 500 GSM
  • 6.5' X 4'
  • 6' X 4'

Quick and easy to use in just 5 steps

1. Lay Nilkamal FloorGUARD on the floor

2. Measure and cut to the size required

3. Apply tape to seal joints and the site is ready to use

4. Once done remove tape and stack for future use

5. The floor remains clean and tidy without any damage
Added benefits over conventational floor protection:
Attributes Nilkamal FloorGUARD POP Foam Rolls
Installation cost Zero. Easy to apply. Reusable Expensive. Skilled labour required Expensive. Regularly need to replace
Installation time Fast. Site is ready to use immediately Slow. Site takes minimum 5 hours to be ready. Slow. Uneven surface needs extra time for installation
Protection Offered High Impact Resistance Cracks and exposes flooring Flattens out over time and loses effectiveness
Liquid protection FloorGUARD is 100% water proof. Very Low Low. Foam can absorb water
Site condition Dry, clean and safe for work Wet & Messy Slippery and uneven surface
Durability Highly durable Low Very low durability
Reusability Can be re-used multiple times One time application Low re-usability

See the video and brochure below for a demonstration of how to use Nilkamal FloorGUARD and its multi benefits

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