With festivities right around the corner, we know you’re already starting to prepare your store for all the discounts and sales. Considering how much your customers have missed real shopping, your store needs to be festive ready. But how do you do it? One product is all you need to transform your store completely. The revolutionary product is PrintGUARD

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD PrintGUARD, a new range of printing & signage solutions. 

This highly advanced, eco-friendly polypropylene board is tailor-made for the graphic and display industry as its patented design provides a seamless finish with its matte surface.

PrintGUARD opens up a whole new world of possibilities in printing. The path-breaking technology allows you to experiment with colors, textures, laminates, and fabrication techniques. 

As the new era of communication begins, it’s time to unfold your imaginations. PrintGUARD is

crafted with a unique nine-layered honeycomb structure, ensuring uniform strength across the board. The high-tech polypropylene boards, with corona treatment, are high on quality and weatherproof. The scientifically engineered polypropylene boards, with patented European technology, allow endless applications. You can download the brochure here: 

Download Brochure for PrintGUARD

How PrintGUARD can be helpful for your store?

PrintGUARD is the most versatile signage board. Here are some of its applications:

1. Cut Out Standee

Nilkamal PrinitGUARD Cut Out standee

Imagine your store can now have interesting yet sturdy self-standing and foldable standees in the shape of products, company logos, and celebrities. It is ideal for sales messaging, in-store events, campaigns, and selfie booths. Nilkamal PrintGUARD is the versatile medium that will help you kickstart your sales in this festive season.

2. 3D Dangler

Bubble Guard 3D dangler

Out with the regular and in with the exciting! 3D danglers are perfect for in-store branding to highlight your sales messaging and brand recall. The lightweight PrinitGUARD is tested for quality and durability. It is available in a wide range of GSMs and thicknesses and is completely customizable.

3. FSU Product Display

Nilkamal Bubble guard FSU

Prominent visibility within retail at the point of purchase crucially influences shoppers purchasing decisions. FSU product display will increase brand awareness and help to bring in new customers.

4. Tabletop

Bubble Guard Table Top

Grabbing customer attention is perhaps the most important function of an effective marketing strategy. And what could be a better option than a custom-made eye-catchy tabletop cutout?. The compact foldable design is thanks to the design of PrintGUARD. This tabletop is a perfect fit for modern retail stores, supermarkets, and other Point-of-Sale locations. 

5. Circular FSU

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD circular Free Standing Unit

A person standing in a commercial space is surrounded by ads and marketing messages. And all of these advertisement visuals are, without exception, either square or rectangular in shape. So why not try something circular? Circular FSU will definitely stand out in all the visuals.

The human eye is drawn to circles and the information contained within, and they are easier for the brain to process. PrintGUARD is easy to cut to any size using any cutting technique such as CNC cutting, Laser cutting or manual cutting. 

6. Innovative Window Display

Bubble Guard Innovative VM

A great way to promote your business, window displays are among the top marketing strategies. Of all the elements that make up visual merchandising, window displays are the most direct way to attract people into your store from the high street. Adding a signature piece that is not only pleasing to the eye but something that is unique to your business makes a world of difference. PrintGUARD is so versatile that right from small units of display like lightweight danglers to standees and FSUs you can plan on creating innovative displays like actual functional furniture or closets from it. After all, One medium is all you need!

Key Benefits of PrintGUARD

A. Perfectly Flat Surface

B. Does Not Crack

C. Uniform Strength In All Directions

D. High Aesthetic Value

E. Can Be Cut, Creased

F. Weather Proof

G. High Stiffness & Rigidity

H. Can Be Heat Welded, Ultrasonic Welded

I. 100% Recyclable

Why Choose Nilkamal PrintGUARD?

a. Easy to cut

b. Easy to fabricate

c. Compatible with vinyl plasting 

d. Direct printing 

e. Screen printing 

To know more about Nilkamal PrintGUARD contact us @ 1800 121 9115 or mail us at bgsales@nilkamal.com