VirusGUARD - Hygienic and Safe dividers to protect your environment and prevent infection


Nilkamal BubbleGUARD introduces an easy and practical solution to safeguard your environment and prevent the spread of virus, bacteria and infections. VirusGUARD are hygienic partitions for workstations and dining tables. They prevent the spread of infection and maintain safe social distancing. The plastic dividers are sturdy, quick to install, compatible with any table & 100% waterproof - making them easy to clean and sanitize.

VirusGUARD is a pre-fabricated solution that can be installed anywhere to create private and isolated spaces. The lightweight partitions can be customized to any size and specifications. Ideal for offices, cafeteria, restaurants, schools and food courts.

Key benefits of VirusGUARD:

  • Easy to clean and sanitize. Chemically safe with all disinfectants
  • Compatible with all existing tables
  • Flat surface prevents bacteria accumulation
  • Can be customized with graphics
  • Maintains social distancing
  • Long lasting and cost effective
  • Self standing
  • Easy to cut, fabricate & install
  • 100% recyclable

Best suited for:
• Offices
• Restaurants
• Cafeterias
• BPO/ITes
• Schools
• Food Courts

Product Info:

Virus Guard | Nilkamal Bubble Guard





See the video and brochure below for a demonstration of how to use Nilkamal VirusGUARD and its multi benefits

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